tisdag 8 maj 2012

Back in business

Last week I returned from my trip to Illinois. It´s so good to be back home again but I know for sure that I left a piece of myself behind. Those kind of journeys really make a big impact on you as a person and your life to be. I met so much wonderful people that make a difference in what they do. And a met some new friends in the arts. I´m so grateful for this experience!

Back home means back in business with rocket speed! This weekend I will participate in the Lions Art tour in Sundsvall region. I will exhibit in Böloms Bygdegård with some other artists. And that means some late nights in the studio this week.

Detailed work needs big goggles,

late night in the studio

During my time in IL I also got the Lions Art prize and I participated the ceremony trough Skype. That was fun even though it was 7 AM for me and 2 PM for the people in Sweden. Hopefully I didn´t look too tired on Skype J

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