tisdag 27 juli 2010

Three men and a monkey

Now I´m going to tell you a story about the three men and a monkey. They are the lead characters in one of my art projects.

It first started out with a wall piece that I was planning to create in glass and silver.

It started out well in the beginning...and this is a picture before it went in to the oven and 800 C.(this is the silverpart)

There is no afterpicture... but I can tell you as mutch as it didn´t work out very well, definitly not how I expected it to be. I strongly believe that the three men and the monkey didn’t get along to tell by the new look they had after the firing!

Anyhow, I really wanted to carry out this piece so I picked up the pieces and started over.
I decided to do a big glass bowl instead, but with the same four characters. And the result...one broken glass bowl and one man down!

I started to feel kind of irritated because of the man that gone under but I made a new man, picked up the pieces of the other two and created a new monkey (I suspect that the monkey could be behind all of this!)
That piece also came out broken…and what’s left of it you can se here. A ring with only the monkey! I have put the men in a safe place for now…

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