lördag 24 april 2010

Back home!

Finally I´m at home again! After a much longer trip than planned. 7 days in NYC full of inspiration, new contacts, experiences and new friends. Kind of missing NYC already! If I would have known that there was going to be a volcano outbreak I would have stayed longer. Instead I was trapped in Zurich… Finally home at Sunday (left NY Wednesday).

This week I been working at the Spring Trade Fair and tonight I spend some time in my studio cleaning up the place. Somehow it always get a bit chaotic after a lot of work. All the work for my exhibition in Maryland USA is now set to go. Only two more exhibitions to make art for :-) One in May at Carina Björck Gallery and one at Naturum Borgsjö in July. Now I just have to book my trip to Chesapeake Bay :-)

See more NY pictures at facebook!

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